Trentham House

This home is a dreamer’s delight, that a could’ve be a façade nightmare. Located in an area with wild weather, the designed required seamless panels to make it look like one panel, hidden gutters and needing to take thermal expansion into account. The Wild façade team cut every panel and used a unique fixing method to create a house that moves with its environment, with stunning results. A true labour of care and love to create the dreamer’s visionary home.

Barkley Street

A modern home in an area of heritage housing was always going to be a balance act between pushing façade chic and pulling it back to fitting into its surroundings. The use of black colorbond could also result in oil-canning, a rippling effect you don’t want. The use of interlocking panels reduces the rippling effect and its design creates a modern yet elegant façade style.  Combining all of the other cladding and fixtures, The Barkley Street home went onto winning 5 wards including ‘House of the Year’ over 1.5 million.